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The Big Purple Blob: Recent Episodes

146- Behavior Specialist, Sharoya Ham: Here to Support Mobile Families

Sharoya Ham is a trained expert with experience in raising children overseas. Sharoya has the unique perspective of someone who knows what she's doing professionally and personally to create strong interactions with struggling young people.

Are you curious about MORE work options for EFM and those of us in the "trailing spouse" universe? The Big Purple Blob is here with some insight.Join Jennie Linton,, and Rona Jobe, the founder of LVL Up--a company that trains and hires expat trailing spouses. Rona also works with small businesses for expats. She has all the information you want to know.

148- REAL talk on EFM women's health & fitness

 Join brilliant women Hillery Midkiff, Lisa Tilstra, Morgan Loosli, and Susie Csorsz Brown.

Four brilliant women share an honest discussion on everything fitness & health. Age? Having kids? Hard to get a routine with constant travel? Menopause? Good genes? Vegan diet?

It is not a How-To Manual- just thoughtful talk with smart women who have figured out a few things for their well-being.

149- EFM Dad Perspective: Making the Most of Opportunity & Change

Luke Beer is finding his path to change at his first posting. Luke shares his insights and wisdom on balancing parenting, work, and being part of the highly mobile community.

In this episode, Luke recounts his growth trajectory, from a single man with a paying job to a married, Foreign Service, stay-at-home dad, and new work found at the embassy.

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