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Self-congratulations (14)

Grab a notebook and a pen.

Ask yourself this: Imagine your biggest, most audacious dream. Got it? Now, imagine you have achieved it. What does this look like? What does this feel like? What does your emotional state feel like? Take a moment and write it down. All of it, every detail. You are not allowed to think of the negative aspects, the what ifs or the hardships. You are not allowed to think of what you’ve had to give up to attain this goal. Focus solely on the win, the prize, the goal in your hand. Women, by nature, don’t focus on the attainment of the goal. Instead, they focus on that 3% they didn’t attain, or had to give up. They got 97% correct, but that 3% is what they will think about, beat themselves up about, focus on. They can’t accept a compliment or a positive comment. They offer the hardest, cruelest, most devastating voice in their own ear, whispering things they would never say to a friend or a colleague. This is why thinking only of what that goal or win feels like is a good practice. The only words you can offer are those of self-congratulation.

You are 100% the bad ass. Don't listen to anyone -- even yourself -- who says otherwise.

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