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Personal Inventory

Instead of thinking about what you need to change, what you need to do to "fix" yourself (read: make New Year's Resolutions), take a few moments to sit down, and ask yourself some reflective questions about the previous year, your experiences, your growths. Invest genuine effort into this reflection. Take time on each question to really draw out your truths.

Think about your past year.

7 questions to really focus on:

  1. What did I change my mind about during this year?

  2. What did I do or experience that created energy this year?

  3. What did I do or experience that drained energy this year?

  4. Who were the anchors in my life?

  5. What did I not do because of fear, worry, or intimidation?

  6. What were my greatest hits and misses?

  7. What did I learn this year?

Write down your answers and these, my friends, will help shape your direction this year.

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