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Newsletter #155

What an incredible power we have, to walk through the world, making somebody's day. ~ Krista Tippett Physical Health Eat Well If advice doesn’t make sense, or is hard to follow ... you won’t follow it. Let’s clear up some nutrition advice that may be hard to understand. Be Active ‘The mood benefits of 20 minutes of exercise lasts longer than 12 hours.’ !!! That alone should motivate you to stay active!

Let's move! This timer is called Panther and tabata. You have 5 rounds of moves (50 seconds on, 10 off) that include a panther plank, for sure. Then you'll have a 5 minute burn-out back and forth between two moves. You can do it! Start your music! Spiritual Health No one wants to be Pollyanna-ish, but being a glass-half-full sort of a person is better for you. Apparently, it is also better for your blood pressure.

Mental & Emotional Health Why put off things until tomorrow if you can do them today?

Social Health Humans need social interactions. This is true even if you are an introvert. How do we fulfill this need in our world today? Maybe slightly less of an urgent need as it was when we were all locked down, but even now, with the apprehensions we might be feeling about emerging from our little cocoons, this is helpful reading. Posts from Note: I created a new group on Facebook, just for HealthExpatParent and HEPRecipe fans. Join the discussion: Happy Monday! Happy Memorial Day! Looking for something to get your kids into science? How about making ice cream? Sure, the resulting ice cream won't be like Ben & Jerry's but it'll be a fun experiment. Omigosh, this is good. Sometimes, the best dinners (and lunches!) just make themselves. Here, toasted bread chunks, oil-packed tuna and tomatoes come together in a lovely panzanella-like combination. After all of these weeks of Wellness info, here we are in June, and I have a few last thoughts. Putting it all together.

Be your best, friends s

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