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Newsletter #148

"I have a sadness shield that keeps out all the sadness. And it is big enough for all of us." ~ Max, Where the Wild Things Are Physical Health Eat Well Just why do you need to eat protein? What does it do in your body? And, if you eat more, will it go straight to your biceps? Be Active HIIT is good, but sometimes you need a break from all of that cardio. Ever hear of HIRT?

Let's move! This timer is called Long and short. This is a workout of combinations. You have seven groups of 3 exercises. Each exercise is Move 1, Move 2, and then a combination of Move 1 and 2. You'll repeat each group before moving to the next. Start your music! Spiritual Health I know I for one do NOT do well with being cooped up in one space, even if it is a 3-story building with rooms for everyone. Cabin-fever is very real, and much more of a stressor in today’s pandemic world than even last year at this time. In a way that hits us harder than even a huge winter storm, quarantining hugely restricts our movements impacting our brains and emotions and reactions in novel ways.

Mental & Emotional Health The first step might be wondering if you have a reason to need therapy.

Social Health New kid on the block? Yep. Don’t worry, you can make new friends! Posts from After more than a year of pandemic-induced drastically reduced in-person social engagements, many of us are now finally getting to get back out there. How to get back on that metaphorical horse, especially if your social skills may have atrophied a little? I'm excited to let you know the Big Purple Blog Morning Show podcast launched last week!!! In the latest episode, the BPB coaches talk about how to build a child's confidence through reading. It's awesome. Check it out! Friends, happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend! For you this morning, I have some beautiful words, but not from English. Untranslatable words from around the globe, some of which you can use to express that feeling that perhaps you couldn’t express before. A super tasty way to include bread with your chicken, and make it a whole-meal-deal by including salad, too. I don’t know about you, but some of my biggest worries right now are about my kids and COVID, especially as they return to face-to-face school, and our summer Home Leave looms closer but vaccines for them seem out of reach. Here, some helpful advice about kids and this nasty virus and keeping them safe. Here's the thing: the first one to the finish line when it comes to kindness and compassion isn't the only one who wins. So really, you go first! Be your best, friends


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