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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #283

"Love is a combination of six ingredients: care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust. As you go about your life, you can ask: the action I'm taking, does it have these six ingredients?" Posts from

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all are with those you hold dear to celebrate what can only be described as the least commercial holiday possible (making it the best one, if you ask me).

Some of you may recall that typically, I like to take time each November to be deliberately grateful for the amazingness in life. This year has been a little harder for me to do that, so I have instead spent effort considering and reflecting, rather than sharing.

The last several months have been startlingly challenging, with people and relationships I thought I understood exploding with new and uncomfortable insights. Shockingly, startlingly, people and relationships I thought were solid were not; my lack of awareness highlighting the harsh reality that I perhaps I have not been investing as much thought and effort as I thought I was, and that even the most solid of foundations need loving attention. Investing time with focus and attention in is important, sure, but that time and attention away from out.

I am grateful. I am. There is so much good, in life, in the world. I am also deeply aware of what is different this year, and cavernously missing. I am putting in the considerable effort to accept, embrace and move forward. Not "move on" but forward into this new.

Life is full of ups and downs. We have to feel and immerse ourselves in each part to full appreciate what is on offer. Know and share what is important with those you hold dear. Life will go on, but don't let it just slide by. Busyiness is an excuse. Tune in to what is important, to who is important, to when is important.

I am most grateful. Wishing you the most happy of Thanksgiving days. May you, too, consider the only change needed is the addition of wings. Happy Monday! Little known fact: Central park is entirely deliberately constructed to be the amazing oasis that it is. Also, the winning design was determined with a contest. Learn more: All weeks are busy, but holiday weeks can feel that way, in particular. Here's a great dinner (and lunch!) option for just that kind of week that still hits the spot. Especially once the pattern starts, it's hard to get out of the mean self-talk, and doubt. Out of the supposed negative comes good. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Yes, watermelon is good for your heart. You’re welcome. Be Active Sleep is the best gift you can give yourself. Being active can help you achieve a better, more normal sleep cycle. The answer to ‘weights or cardio?’ Should be ‘both’ when possible. Let's move! Let's do a Thanksgiving Day workout! 60 seconds each move. Take a quick rest between each, and you'll get this done. Start your music! Spiritual Health Music and how it can benefit you. Mental & Emotional Health Sleep is the glue that holds humans together. Are you getting enough? Social Health Yes, I’ll say it: you’re nice on vacation. Let’s bring that to your everyday life. Be your best, friends


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