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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #279

“Home is where people notice when you’re not there.” ~ Alexander Haymen Posts from Happy Monday! Traveling again, so things are a little … all over the place. Today’s tidbit is a poem (in honor of my mom who always was thinking of others): Think of Others As you prepare your breakfast, think of others (do not forget the pigeon's food). As you wage your wars, think of others (do not forget those who seek peace). As you pay your water bill, think of others (those who are nursed by clouds). As you return home, to your home, think of others (do not forget the people of the camps). As you sleep and count the stars, think of others (those who have nowhere to sleep). As you express yourself in metaphor, think of others (those who have lost the right to speak). As you think of others far away, think of yourself (say: If only I were a candle in the dark). New recipe: A chickpea salad that will help your entire family embrace beans and meatless yummy ness. Let's be still and see what happens. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Breakfast. Yep, it’s a good idea.

Be Active Redefine your relationship with exercise. Redefine the why. Let's move! Very quick, very effective full body workout. Do 4 rounds of the following: 20 squat jumps before dropping straight into 10 push-ups. Rest for 20 seconds. Next do 30 high knees followed by 10 burpees. Rest 30-second. Repeat for 4 rounds. Start your music! Spiritual Health If you're an expat, if you're in the Foreign Service, then you probably are quite familiar with moving. Nonetheless, the stress of the situation can hit hard. Mental & Emotional Health Another reason to embrace positivity: doing so will have a positive impact on your memory skills. Social Health Couples fight about a lot of things on the surface; mostly they are fighting about a lack of emotional connection. Be your best, friends


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