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Be Your Best #254

Health is not valued until sickness comes.” ~ Thomas Fuller

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Check out the cool new resource I found to bring more kindness to your day. (attached) You can get it in your inbox as well, from

Happy Monday! While it is entertaining to guess and impose our own interpretations of our cat's various meows, it might be even more fun to get a (true?) translation:

New recipe: Noodles + veg + lovely sauce = a great weeknight meal (plus a bonus of being slurpable).

New post: Give yourself a Mother's Day gift. Because you have to prioritize you, too.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well More fiber = great immunity. Fiber fixes so many things! Be Active Walking is one of the easiest, least expensive exercises you can do. Want to get started? Let's move! This challenging timer has 4 cycles of 7 moves. Each time you cycle through, you will modify the moves slightly to be a little more challenging. Each move is repeated before moving on to the next. If you feel like you are pushing too hard, revert to the version of the move you did in the previous cycle. I know you can do it! Start your music! Spiritual Health We grow when we reach out to others. Mental & Emotional Health

Staying home when you are sick is a no-brainer. Staying home when you need a mental break? Just as important. Social Health Your brain loves loves loves exercise AND socialization. Be your best, friends


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"A little less shame and guilt over things you enjoy is probably the healthiest thing in the world." ~ Adam Bornstein Posts from Happy Monday! Personally, I love all as

In a competition between someone who knows the most and someone who is willing to learn the most, the edge usually goes to the curious and empathic professional, not the one who is simply protecting w

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