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Physical Health Eat Well The science of  nutrition is a young science, seemingly every week a new discovery.  Now, it turns out: your gut is pretty amazing. Very smart, and connected to all aspects of your life, including your emotional self. Be Active One of the best ways to get (and keep!) moving is to give your brain something else to think about.  There is definitely something to the pumping music one hears at the gym: music makes the exercises seem less torturous.  Take away message: find your own favorites and create a playlist that will help you keep moving. This is an excellent list of basic weight bearing moves that you can do at home, but are also amongst the moves not done correctly.  So following these clear instructions you can easily add some weight lifting to your regime, and do so with proper form. This is one of those workouts that works for all physical ability levels.  And it is fun.  So win win.  That said, I noticed that I seem to be including a lot of boxing and kicking workouts so ... clearly I have some aggressions to work out.  Hopefully the same for you.  :) Spiritual Health Taking a moment to be IN the moment is such an eye-opening experience.  (I know, blah blah blah). It’s actually not something that happens immediately, but takes a bit to practice and do well.  Being mindful is a healthy habit, but it is one that you have to work at to develop. Mental & Emotional Health Isn’t it amazing how much a difference you can make in your frame of mind when you deliberately try to be happy?  Oh, you haven’t tried it?  Hm.  It might be worth an effort.  Below is a link for a calendar of a month’s worth of suggestions to be happy. So really, you ARE as young as you feel.  Or, to be exact, you are as young as you think you are.  It turns out, feeling, and perhaps more importantly, acting young is what helps keep you young.  Perhaps another habit to create? Social Health One of the saddest things I have seen is a family sitting at a table, and all of them are on their devices.  No talking, no giggling, no chatting.  Just each person in their own tech bubble, completely separate from those around him/her.  I know there is a fascinating amount of information to learn in internet-land, and I know there is a lot of shopping to do, cat videos to watch, and FB posts to admire.  But I would suggest that the connections we make with the people who surround us is even more valuable than anything we can find on the internet.

Be your best, friends


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