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Our thighs, our hips, our butts, no matter their size, are the source of our speed and the center of our strength. Physical Health Eat Well Don't think about what you put in your mouth as a diet; don't think about what you are 'not getting to eat.'  Instead, think about how well you are nourishing yourself. Be Active This is an amazing story about how adding some extra steps, extra movement can make a huge impact. And, in light of that, how many extra steps do we need to add?  Friends, let's be realistic about what we can accomplish in a day.  Please do not beat yourself up if you can reach that amazing targeted 10,000 each days.  Do what you can, be proud of what you do, and aim to do your best.  Can we ask for more?  This is where our mental and emotional wellness are equally as important as our Physical wellness, and we can't trade off stressing about one  for gains in another. Let's move! 2 minutes – building up Set your timer for 2 minutes (or use this timer:    .  Every 30 seconds, go up to the next level.  If at any time you feel like your form is suffering or it is too much, drop down to the last level.  Rest 1 minute between Blocks. Your blocks are described in the attachment. Spiritual Health I wish it were so that life were easy.  I wish it were so that we didn't have challenges to weather.  As this is not reality, we have to come up with our toolbox to move past these challenges. The best way?  Gratitude. Mental & Emotional Health Music, they say, is amazing for your well-being. And to underline how amazing music is, this, I think is absolutely amazing. Social Health The key to happiness?  Good friends.   (Not really that surprising, right?) Posts from New post: You get your recipe early this week.  August 10 is National S'mores day so here I give you S'mores Chocolate chip cookies!  Enjoy! Happy Monday! And challenge for you: the El Paso Challenge. You got your weekly recipe on Sunday. Today I'll give you an article on nutrition. It's a complex, seemingly ever-changing science, sure, but it isn't all that complicated. Eat well, most of the time. Choose whole foods, most of the time. Be a good example for your kids by keeping it real and positive, all of the time. New post: Back to school!  My letter to my kids on what I hope they get out of the year.  Learning, sure, but also reaching out. So beyond the cyberbullying, lack of sufficient sleep and excessive inactivity, social media is also bad for self-image. This is especially true for our girls. A couple thoughts on how to help our kids navigate the social media realm they are so into on their devices. Be your best, friends s

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