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Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you learn. Physical Health Your body shape is genetically coded; you have to work with what you've got.  Be realistic about what size and shape you want to be.  Love the body you were born with.  Regardless of your body shape, you can be strong and toned. Eat Well I am a fan of keeping all parts of our food guide pyramid present in our diets.  Some, though, treat carbs like they are the forgotten stepchild.  Don't mistreat your carbs; they deserve your attention, too. Be Active  It's really hard to make yourself do something regularly if you really hate it.  Exercise is really good for you, but if you loathe every minute you spend doing it then it isn't going to be as effective nor are you going to stick with it.  The answer?  Learn to love it. Let's move! This is a combination of workouts, making an Alphabet soup.   First a 5 minute EMOM, then a fast-paced HIIT, finishing with a 5 minute AMRAP.  Ready? Your EMOM (every minute on the minute) will be: 10 x squat thrusts 10 x low side shuffle (sitting low and staying low, shuffle three to the right and then back to the left three.  Each way counts as 1). Repeat the moves at the top of the minute for 5 minutes. The timer will move on the the HIIT portion.  You know all of the moves. Your AMRAP (as many reps as possible) consists of the following moves: -4 rounds of 1 star jump + Narrow squat and tap your foot front, side and back.  You'll do a star jump between each leg, so a total of 4 star jumps.   -16 twisting mountain climbers (8 each side) -8 leg drop + toe touch crunches Move through the three moves as many rounds as you can in the 5 minutes. Spiritual Health Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to quietly and deliberately check in:  Spiritual questions to ask yourself:   Am I accepting of the views of others?  How can I be more kind to others?  To myself?   Take a few minutes to focus on these important questions.  This is a period of rapid change, of busy schedules, and it can be easy to go on auto-pilot.  Instead, take the time to reflect on these questions and know that there is no right or wrong answer. Mental & Emotional Health I feel like I have said every one of these things before.  But maybe, this time, it will be what you need to hear.  Stress does NOT/NOT need to rule your life. Social Health There’s one question you can ask your partner every day that will improve your relationship. “What can I do to make you feel loved today?” It takes the guesswork out of loving them.... or of them feeling loved.  It may not feel authentic at first, and that’s okay. You’re learning how to do something that you didn’t know how to do before, like playing an instrument.  But over time, with intentionality and consistency, it will become more natural.  Soon, the answer might be, “You’re already doing it.” Posts from Happy Monday! It's our last week of school here; I love seeing all of the last-day-of-school pics on FB. Here's an example of how much our kids are benefitting from their time spent in the classroom: an 8-way tie for the National Spelling Bee this year! New recipe: Macaroon-like and ready to slide in the oven in 5 minutes. Yaaasss! This is fascinating: a unembellished look at what kids are eating around the globe. New post: Sometimes, it is not all about you. I love this article: even small changes can make a big impact over time. Being environmentally friendly doesn't have to be an overwhelming task; much like wellness, one has to do what works best for them in terms of being green, otherwise, it becomes an onerous task instead of something we WANT to keep doing. Don't forget to let your kids be their unique selves. Don't forget to let them be kids. "Life is not a contest, and the world is not an arena. Just by being here, unique among all others, offering contributions that no one else can give, you have already won the one prize that matters most."

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