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“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” ~ Maya Angelou

Physical Health Eat Well Having a colorful array of foods on your plate is pleasing to your eye ... and best for your health! https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/eat-the-rainbow? Be Active I don’t know, I don’t put a huge amount of stock in these sorts of quizzes, but they can be fun, and you never know, your ‘recommended workout’ might be something new and fun o try! http://www.thepathmag.com/quiz-best-workout-for-personality-type/ Let's move! This timer includes groups of exercises that focus on particular parts of the body. So ... Pain in the ... is an apt name! You can do it! Start your music! http://www.intervaltimer.com/timers/9709296

Spiritual Health Like pretty much every other aspect of your body, you can change the positivity of your outlook: you can become more optimistic. Just like fitness, it takes regular steps on repeat. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a35179055/optimism-training-plan/ Mental & Emotional Health Two kinds of happiness and being outside boosts both. https://www.outsideonline.com/2154526/do-our-crazy-athletic-pursuits-actually-make-us-happy?

Social Health There are going to be people in your life who change your trajectory. They’re going to walk into your life for a moment, a lifetime, or anytime in between. And they’re going to disrupt something in your life. They’ll challenge you, they’ll shake your beliefs, they’ll trigger you and then stand by you as you work through your healing. These people will teach you and be taught by you. You’ll dance and play. You’ll see the softer sides that others don’t get to see. They’ll lay down markers on your life’s timeline. Markers that roar “I was here”. Pre me. Post me. They’re the life changers. The good type of change. Not the one that takes you away from yourself… but the one that brings you home. “ ~ Vienna Pharaon Posts from HealthyExpatParent.com/Facebook Happy Monday! You know, it's good to have a thing one looks for in life, right? This guy? He's going to tell you about the best benches. It's good to pay more attention to what's around us, right? https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2020/09/travel/rate-this-bench-trnd-cnnphotos/?utm_term=1600516965530f5a05380e876 New post: Cake! Cake for breakfast (full of fruit! full of fiber!), cake for tea (perfect with that cup of tea or coffee! not too sweet!), cake for dessert (because, you know, brown butter glaze!). Hope you try it! https://www.heprecipe.com/post/pear-apple-cake New post: It's hard to know, isn't it, what you should or should not eat. It's hard to know which foods are 'good', and which are 'bad' ... is that even a thing? Let's break this all down a bit, shall we? https://www.healthyexpatparent.com/post/them-food-eatin-rules Be your best, friends s

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