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"Don't let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace." ~ Pema Chödrön Physical Health Eat Well Always fascinating, to look at these food charts. Don’t take these as gospel, for sure, but interested comparisons that may help you think more about your food choices. Be Active Core strength is important not just so you look good without your shirt on or in a bikini. Core strength is actually a vital part of good overall health: support for your back, every movement, and posture. Let's move! This timer is called 1 2 3 Hold. You'll do each move three times and then hold as described throughout the 45 second interval. You can do this! Start your music!

Spiritual Health I don’t know, I think #7 could be ‘screaming at the sky.’ Just sayin’...

Mental & Emotional Health Though I love my kitties, I am a HUUUGE dog fan. Mostly because no matter what, your dog is on your side. Cats are a bit indifferent, which can cause one to question whether or not they really care. Dogs are a real boon to your mental health.

Social Health Why oh why is everyone mad at me? Oh, well, maybe because it is not actually about me. Posts from I love a good quote, especially when the words spark a mindful moment, and an opportunity to be reflective - about myself, about life in general, about my family. Perhaps some of these might bring an a-ha moment for you, too. This. This is why we love love love dads. Happy Tuesday! I was taking some much needed time off - off social media, off work - and ... missed my Monday post. So. If you look at no other link I share with you, this is the one you'll want to click on. With your kids beside you. :) New recipe: These are not the dry, cough-inducing, easy-to-refuse chicken meatballs of your youth. These are so.very.good: make a bowl with them, add them to a simple sauce, make them into the center of your appetizer offerings... just try them, quick! New post: What does your 'normal' look like? And, more importantly, how do you feel about that? Let's work on making this be a positive experience somehow. Be your best, friends s

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