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4 FS Women Talking: Employment

We all want to be employed. We all want to contribute. We want to use the knowledge we've gained and skills we have to ... do something useful! Employment overseas -- for EFMs and for contractors and for Direct Hires -- can be challenging. I have been through more job interviews than you can even imagine, and even if I love love love my job, I know I will be leaving it. Overseas, we are inherently temporary employees even if we are direct hire; we WILL be moving to a new position.

Nowadays, even direct hire employees need to interview, they need to prove they are worthy of the position. Sure, they have the reassurance of knowing that they will eventually get a job, but it might not be the one they want; DHs do, after all, have to be "world-wide available." EFMs, on the other hand, have to be ready to be flexible, and aware that most likely, they will not be getting a job in their area of interest. Frustrating? Sure. But not the end of the world. I've had amazing jobs, none since having joined the Foreign Service in my professional area. Contractors can be pickier, but their job security can be tenuous. So ... what to do?

Let's talk about it!

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