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  • Susie Csorsz Brown

Doing something

It’s a mad mad mad mad world. I dare say that this might be the perfect opportunity to make a positive difference. For yourself, for the environment, for someone else … a positive change. Questions to ask yourself. Sometimes there is no underlying reason to reach out other than to add a small bit of kindness where it is lacking, or contribute a hand when it is needed.

What can I do to make a difference for another person?

It might be a little gesture, even just taking the time to listen, and it will make a difference to someone.

What can I do positively impact the community around me?

Especially in like this, when things seem a little less certain, communities benefit from positive effort. Organizing a clothing drive, or volunteering at school, or some other way you enjoy to support your community can not only improve your frame of mind, but also benefit others. Win, win.

What can I do to benefit the environment?

There is always a piece of litter to pick up.

What can I do to motivate others to be kind?

Teach your kids how to be kind. Invite others along when you are on a good-doing venture. Be a good example.

What can I do encourage my children to reach out to another?

Besides being a good example, have your children noticed some place, person, or thing that can help?

What can I do to help someone in need?

Without being asked, without being told.

What can I do to better the situation of another?

No one’s life is perfect. I promise you there is always something that can add a little something for another. Even a positive comment could go far.

What can I do to offer comfort for someone?

See someone down or sad? Struggling with something? Offer an ear, or perhaps if they have kids, have their kids over so they have a few hours of free time to sort things out.

What can I do to better my health?

Eat more veggies? Eat less sugar? Drink more water? One little thing, everyday.

What can I be curious about?

Learn more, ask questions, seek information about anything. Wonder.

What can I do to develop or learn a new skill?

Learn how to paddle board, or play tennis. Get swimming lessons. Put on some sneakers and get out walking. You are never to old to learn a new skill.

What can I do to extend kindness?

Ask yourself what you can do to make a positive impact, or change. Open your eyes, and really look around you. You CAN make a difference. Even in minute measures, every little bit of positivity counts. Because sometimes it isn’t about you. And if more of us remember that more often, I really feel that would be a good thing.

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