February 20, 2020

It’s like the world is in fast-forward.  We rush rush rush and we forget, sometimes, to give feedback and, yes, accolades.  In general, but most importantly to those who we love and who deserve it most.  We forget that sometimes a verbal pat on the back and acknowledge...

May 13, 2017

It’s kind of hard to say that I want you to acknowledge your mom.  Mostly because I feel as though that might sound as though I’m wingeing and I want my menfolk to acknowledge my own role as a mother (ahem).  And maybe that is my goal.  But.   Rather than focus on them...

April 28, 2016

Why does everyone seem to think their life is the toughest?  It doesn’t matter what experiences you’ve had, I promise you, others will think theirs is worse.  Or bigger.  Or longer.  Or harder.  I have decided that it is time to stop comparing.  It’s time to stop feeli...

January 14, 2016


#1 (That’s you!)


1.  You listen.   When your child comes to you with a problem or an idea, you stop what you are doing, look at your child and focus so you can really hear what it is they are trying to tell you.  Even if your child is not quite conversant, you are the...

November 13, 2015


I was reading back through some of my earlier blog post.  One caught my eye and stuck in my mind.  I was writing about our different families: those that we are born with, and then those that we choose for ourselves.  Beyond our spouses and our children, we also choos...

October 9, 2015


The boys vs girls discussion could go on ad nauseam.   I don’t know that much about raising girls, other than what I experienced growing up with two sisters.   There did seem to be a lot of drama, though.  Now, raising boys, I’ve had some practice.  What I have learne...

August 27, 2015


We rush rush rush and we forget, sometimes, to give feedback and, yes, accolades to those who deserve it.  We forget that sometimes a verbal pat on the back and acknowledgement is reason enough to keep trying.  We forget that everybody likes to have their effort notic...

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Meet your Coach

I am Susie Csorsz Brown and I am a Certified Parent Coach through PCI, specializing in families in transition. I am also a Wellness Coach.  I have a Health background, and I practice what I preach. I have three children, so I coach from experience. I am a Foreign Service spouse (since 2000), and have learned to deal with family issues from the stress of relocation, school issues, medical situations, pregnancy and divorce as well as family angst. 

You should know, healthy eating is one of my passions.  The thing is: food can be good for you and taste good, too.  I want my kids to eat well, and to grow up knowing what smarter food options are out there.


Check out my recipes at www.heprecipe.com.  


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